Country Christmas in Merritt

Country Christmas came and went last month. Merritt hosts the event in November probably because December is too chancy what with people having to travel out of town and simply not having much available time. The weather is certainly better too...it was actually sunny!
There was a lot going on: the craft fair, parade, community band concert, art sale, book signings, midnight madness shopping downtown...

What would Christmas be without wreaths? There were loads to buy in different styles- even a contest for best wreath.

Also available of course were Christmas goodies! Loads of home baked sweet treats ready to serve!

In the main crafters venue were lots of other items such as honey, preserved foods, knitting, fancy hats and scarves, jewelry, glassware, woodworking, tole painting, and even sheep wool products:

In the 'Tea Room' the Valley Visual Artists' sold art work:

The community band held a concert at the Civic Center:

And of course the parade! Native dancers in full costume:

...And floats, here the classic snowman getting a spin on the cement mixer:

And finally, in an interesting display of civic annoyance, protesters were championing gas prices in Kamloops because it is well known that Merritt gas retailers take advantage of the motoring public by charging more mone y for the same product an hour up the road.
These protests have had an effect- they dropped the prices and kept them down the following weekend. Even Harry Lali got into the protests and I admire all those folks who came out to protest.