Snow Pics

It snowed today- started last night. I guess about 3-4 inches fell on top of the existing 2 that hadn't melted away from the previous week. I wanted to go out this morning to take landscape photos but besides it being a kind of foolish idea what with how thick and fast it came down it was cloudy as well. I took some photos from off the deck to see how well my little point and shoot Olympus camera dealt with the exposure- and to see how quickly I was able to alter the exposure by switching to manual metering! Pretty quickly it turns out. I may take this camera to the ice fishing Derby on the 16th to take photos rather than the SLR but the trade off is I won't get to take as many pictures. The battery is just not what it used to be.

Here's what an ice fishing derby looks like:


The derby is hosted by the Nicola Valley Fish And Game Club.

But getting back to today:

First shot was at f7.1 and the automatic exposure reading was 1/160th of a second- I knew that would look rather dull.
Second shot was also at f7.1 but I exposed manually for shorter time: 1/200th of a second and that made the image even duller as you might imagine.
In the third shot I increased the exposure time to 1/80th of a second which is was about right to expose the snow properly.

I still muddle this concept up a bit when shooting manually; that is to say that longer exposures are required for lighter subjects and shorter for dark subjects because I don't think of the camera as a decision making machine but in fact it is. That's what the meter is for!

Ideally we will have good weather for the derby- Merritt is rather known for it's blue skies and sunshine. I shall end this post with a shot I particularly like; a shot of the Quilchena Hotel taken last month:

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