Cows and Cowboys.

I didn't set out to take pictures of cowboys...it was a matter of the opportunity presenting itself!
I had set out in the late morning to see if the pelicans were on Nicola Lake again and if the eagles were still near the bone pit but was disappointed on both counts. I did get some great photos of deer, Herefords and a few decent osprey pictures but it wasn't what I really wanted...

On the way back home I stopped several times to check out odd little locations that had inspired curiosity and then, at the end of the lake, saw Helmut taking photos so stopped to check them out. His specialty is ospreys and he showed me a few he had already taken and gave me a few tips on locations of other nests.
We discussed lenses and how best to clean dust from behind the mirror of an SLR and then parted ways. After trying for a few more shots of the raptors I was ready to call it a day but noticed a cowboy on a horse on the hillside across from me. I then saw a second cowboy higher on the hill and wondered if I should approach them or not. I decided there's no harm in asking and they were both quite cheerful about me photographing them mending fences! I quite enjoyed myself despite knowing there were dust motes trapped in my camera. The weather was brilliant and the pictures turned out almost too perfect!

But the best part of the day was in the evening when I figured out I could set the camera to bulb, remove the lens, and have access to the back of the mirror as it was on auto-pilot taking a photo of nothing!

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