BC Boat & Sportsmen's & BC Hunting Show at Tradex, Abbotsford, B.C. Part 1

BC Boat & Sportsmen's & BC Hunting Show at Tradex, Abbotsford, B.C. is now finished. I have to admit that despite doing almost nothing for 3 days but drive, take photos, and film seminars, I rather enjoyed the whole experience.

I got to know the new camcorder pretty well and it was really fun to film with. My husband did three seminars on Friday and Saturday and concluded Sunday with two more. These seminars were well received as far as I could tell not being a hunter; I noticed people paid close attention, some even took notes down, and quite a few asked Othmar questions afterward.

Othmar posing beside a lovely Black Wolf

Othmar standing next to trophy salmon
This hunting and fishing show is a massive venue with loads of distractions- representatives and gear from the world of boating, off-roading and recreational vehicles. Guns, bows, archery demos, camping supplies, clothing retailers, taxidermists, fly tying experts...it just went on and on.

 Reels galore!

Loads of lures

On the second day the auto-focus on my trusty old Sigma lens broke and it was the only one I could use in the building as everything was so closely packed together. Fortunately manual focus was o.k. but a lot of pictures suffered because I am out
of the habit of using manual focus. I will have to retrain myself! In any case, I am breaking the event into several blog posts since there are so many pictures.

A huge custom log home skeleton composed of about 3 images

 Boat trailers stacked to the roof

And finally, I had a bit of fun at Othmar's expense putting together this little collection of some choice facial expressions from his seminars!

Talking the Talk

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