BC Boat & Sportsmen's & BC Hunting Show at Tradex, Abbotsford, B.C. Part 2

More photos from Tradex (see previous post)

Auto focus busted on my wide lens so I have a few bad shots but better than none- Wiens Taxidermy had the most beautiful mounts in my opinion.
This is actually a 3 picture panorama of the measurer's were scoring antlers based on Boone and Crockett/Pope and Young standards.
Othmar M. Vohringer and Mike of BC Outdoors
A really pretty girl trying out at the archery demos. I regret I didn't get a good capture of her face which was of model caliber.

 Canine Trainer Fernando Silva and Sky
Othmar and Johnny Mac, a professional animal caller whose speciality is moose. Sorry about the blur guys- busted auto focus.
 Othmar talking with one of the retailers for a hunting product.
Othmar with show manager Les. ( Square Feet Northwest Event Management Inc.)

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