Photography Exhibition

 Our local gallery in Merritt is exhibiting some of my photography along with another artist, Helmut Kanduth. It will run all month and hopefully there will be a nice turnout at the reception which is at 6:00 on the 8th- a Friday.

Past experience has shown me that the community needs to give more support to the arts- even the organizations that promote art have to put in more effort as their focus tends to be more towards performing arts rather than the visual.

The gallery is a nice place to showcase photography, paintings and sculpture but does suffer somewhat for being a bit off the main drag...I have taken a more assertive approach to promoting this show by going further out to advertise and choosing different venues and Helmut thinks along the same lines.

He is classically trained in traditional art media and consequently knows instinctively what to get out a camera image with colour, composition and subject matter. I think our work goes well together.

 I knew he was going to be putting in a lot of local views and wildlife so limited that kind of subject matter and focused on close to home and macro oriented work although I brought in some favorites from last year.

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