Merritt In May

It's flood watch time for Merritt like most other communities.
Sandbags are up on Voght which is good but I often wondered if things might not be improved by dredging some of the silt from the Nicola. It's extremely built up with sediments after it leaves the fields upriver. There are practically islands choked with tall grasses clogging up the waterway- a huge contrast to the area immediately south of the dam where it looks more like the frisky Coldwater River.

Someone suggested that the sandbags be covered over with dirt and landscaped making a permanent (and money saving) barrier...the idea has merit. (ha ha).

Elsewhere, at the extreme opposite end of things, there was a fire south of the Colloquial along the hills of the Coldwater River. It looked like a grass fire that had burned out of control.

And then there's the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary that celebrated 100 years of service to the community. The thrift store generates much of the revenue that was in the past used to purchase machines for Merritt's (then) first-rate general hospital.

Times have changed however and the community is not what it once was was. A second shop owner has posted a message on the wood covering a broken window of his storefront expressing discontent.
This seems to have made some impact as there are now police on bikes patrolling the downtown.

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