What's up in Merritt this May

There was a cutting horse exhibition at the Rodeo grounds this past Saturday. We watched a few of the cowboys put their horses (and the cows) through their paces. You could really tell how well some of these horse and riders could communicate with each other- one in particular kept his eyes on the calf the whole time and cued his horse either with body language and/or verbal commands...the horse practically danced to stay ahead of the calf.

Meanwhile, at the Civic Center, a scrapbookers group was having a retreat. There were a half dozen or so women who had set up their tables and were basically partaking in a scrapbooking 'crop' which is kind of like a get-together 'retreat'. An immense variety of artistic paraphernalia was at hand, both by the scrappers and the vendors. All of them were busily working on embellishing either pages in their albums or art works that would be added to the scrapbooks.

Saturday and Sunday was also a big weekend for yard sales. I managed to pick up a few things for re-purposing and some just for pleasure. (Rotary tool and an very lovely illustrated fairy tale book). In Merritt it's not uncommon to find mounts and skulls for sale and I saw two rather nice ones and the owner kindly allowed me to take photos.

And finally, today, was a benefit ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The photos kind of speak for themselves. :)

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